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Local control vs. State Control of Speed Limits

Meanwhile, many cities in Michigan would like to have local control over speed limits in order to promote pedestrian and bicycle use of roadways as a means to achieve the priorities of their particular community, which may include:

  • Improve the heath of their citizenry

  • Reduce traffic congestion

  • Reduce air and noise pollution

  • Reduce fossil fuel use

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Strengthen community through increased social interactions

  • Improve traffic flow and reduce delays at intersections

  • Increase economic vitality 


Many communities are striving to increase roadway safety so more of their children can walk or bike to school safely.  School zones (exempted by PA 85) do not cover the mile+ radius where bus transporation is not provided.

Most of Michigan's residents live in neighborhoods that do not qualify as official subdivisions, and thus are not exempted from the 85th percentile.  

Promoting biking and walking is a major goal of the Climate Action Plans of many Michigan cities.  The transportation sector is responsible for approx. 1/3 of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.  

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